Welcome to Cluj-Napoca

Choosing where you want to study will be one of the most important and difficult decisions you have to make in your life. University will offer you a stimulating and challenging academic environment and will help you to prepare for a future career. More than that, the memories of the student life, the friends and the contacts you make during the University days are likely to remain with you throughout your life.

A career in engineering, one of the most dynamic and creative activities represents an opportunity to prepare for the future. The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is fully dedicated to help you in this attempt.

I do hope you will finally decide to come to Cluj-Napoca and I look forward to meeting you at the beginning of the first semester.

Professor Radu Munteanu, PhD
Rector of the Technical University.


Universitatea Tehnica Cluj - Napoca
Str. Constantin Daicoviciu nr 15, 400020 Cluj - Napoca, Romania
tel. +4 0264 401 200, 401248, tel./fax +4 0264 592 055

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