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The “CISCO Networking” Academic Program

CISCO Networking Academy

The Cisco company, world leader in the field of computer network interconnection, by its representative in Romania and the Ministry of National Education have established a partnership, deciding adhesion to the “ CISCO Networking Academy .” Over 50 countries have adhered to this program. The program starts from the idea that organisations at any level they may be, do not possess the necessary resources to design, construct and maintain in operation computer networks, thus present specialists not having access to the benefits of modern technologies applied to computer networks. This program is meant to bring up to date and complete the knowledge of the persons interested in the field of computer networking. The benefits of the partnership are:

The students receive appropriate training for the appointment to occupations in the field of data communications;

The member schools and universities receive an important set of communications equipment and resources in order to maintain the internal networks operating;

The trade companies gain trained and properly certified specialists in information technology;

The organizational structure of the “ CISCO Networking Academy ” program is hierarchical encompassing the following levels:

Training Centre (Cisco Networking Training Centre), having as a role to train the staff (instructors) of the regional academies; it covers groups of countries, at present the one for Europe is functioning at the University of Birmingham ( England ).

The Regional Academy , having the role of training and co-ordination of staff (instructors) of the local academies. At the level of Romania , there are only three such academies, in the centres of RoEduNet of Cluj, Bucharest and Iasi . Nevertheless there is a project to design others, as well.

Local academy that includes classes of students trained directly in the field of computer network interconnections.

It is noticeable that the Regional Academy of Cluj has been the second one to be founded in the country, including at present five local academies. The local academy within the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science of Cluj has been the first to offer these courses.

Instructors Prof. Vasile Dadarlat PhD and Emil Cebuc, Engineer, have graduated the first two semesters from the University of Birmingham , the European Regional Training Centre

The training program includes 4 semesters, 70 hours each and has a strong applicative character, offering multimedia training and laboratory courses with the last generation equipment of the Cisco company. The teaching and examination language is English that has to be mastered at least at intermediate level.

For each semester, there are mid-term exams taking place on-line on the program server and the semester ends by an exam that corroborated with the practical activity and the activities during the theoretical presentations will mark the graduation of the semester in question.

The training program end with the “Cisco certified Networking Associate” (CCNA) exam that opens up multiple prospects to the graduates in order for them to find jobs in the field of computer networks more easily and successfully.

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