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The long-term academic teaching takes place in the 8 faculties during 5 years (6 in the case of Architecture). The period of studies concludes with a diploma examination made up of a dissertation project and general and specialized exams after which the graduates are given the right to receive the title of graduate engineer in the field and specialization attended.

During their studies the best students receive stipends and scholarships, also benefiting from facilities offered by the hostels and the canteens of the Technical University . The graduates, holders of diploma engineer degree, can continue the specializing and improvement of their training by post-graduate studies, organized at all faculties, by the School Academic of Post-Graduate Studies in the field of Management and further, why not, by a doctor's degree.

  • Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
    • Architecture

  • Faculty of Automation and Computer Science
    • Automation (courses taught in Romanian)
    • Computer Science (courses taught in Romanian)
    • Automation (courses taught in English)
    • Computer Science (courses taught in English)
    • Information Technology (courses taught in Romanian)
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
    • Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings
    • Raiways, Roads and Bridges
    • Civil Engineering (courses taught in English)
    • Economic Engineering in civil engineering
    • Building Equipment
    • Installations and Equipment in the Atmosphere Protection

  • Faculty of Machine Building
    • Manufacturing Technology
    • Manufacturing Technology M.E.T. (German)
    • Machine tools- MU
    • Industrial Economic Engineering
    • Industrial Robots
    • Industrial Robots (French)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mathematical Engineering
    • Physical Engineering
    • Industrial Design

  • Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology
    • Industrial Electronics
    • Medical Electronics and for Instruments
    • Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
    • Digital Communication Networks
    • Radiocommunications
    • Optical Communications

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Metrology
    • Electric Drives
    • Electromechanics
    • Power engineering
  • Faculty of Building Services
    • Building Services
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    • Agricultural Machines
    • Road Vehicles
    • Thermal Machines and Equipments
    • Mechatronics
    • Fine Mechanics

  • Faculty of Materials and Environmental Engineering
    • Materials Science
    • Materials Processing Engineering
    • Engineering and Environmental Protection in Industry

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