The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and the Information Technology trains specialists qualified in designing, operating and developing electronic and communications systems, accordingly with the current needs of industry and research.

The academic activities involve: Bachelor Studies , Master Studies and Doctoral Studies, as well as post-graduate professional updating and redeployment courses.

The academic staff is young and dynamic, permanently involved in the research activity through national and international research contracts, cooperation with famous firms such as Siemens, Alcatel, Continental, National Instruments, etc.

The international educational projects and programmes (Phare, Erasmus, Leonardo) that activated or are about to activate within the faculty, led to the possibility of having a permanent exchange of academic and researching experience with well-known universities, an exchange needed to join the U.E.

The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and the Information Technology
Str. G. Baritiu, Nr. 26 - 28, 400027, Cluj-Napoca , Romania
Dean's office: Room 357, Phone: 0264 401440, 401223, Phone/Fax: 0264 591689
Secretary's office: Room 358, Phone: 0264 401224




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The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Str. Constantin Daicoviciu nr 15, 400020 Cluj - Napoca, Romania
phone +4 0264 401 200, 401248, phone/fax +4 0264 592 055

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