In the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Research is carried out by academic staff, Ph.D. students and undergraduates/graduates in the laboratories belonging to various departments or faculties.

The department that manages the current research activities is called The Centre of Scientific Research, Technological Transfer and Invention Implementation, in short CCSTTII. The center is directly subordinated to the top management of the university.

CCSTTII is in direct relations with the departments, deans' offices and other departments in the university, the ministry of Education and Research – MEdC, The Academy of Romania, The National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education– CNCSIS, The National Council for the Financing of Higher Education– CNFIS, The Executive Unit for the Financing of Higher Education and University Scientific Research – UEFISCSU as well as other national and foreign bodies and organizations of the kind.

CCSTTII informs on and gives expert consultation in so far national competitions for grants and national research programmes are concerned, makes analysis and reports on own university research, makes proposals for strategies related to research development in the university, deals with the current financial management of the research, development, projects, consultancy and expert reporting programmes (in cooperation with the Finance-accounting department).

Beginning with 2001, CCSTTII makes the internal audit and evaluation of the research carried out in each department, using internationally accepted criteria and scores.

The technological transfer is another activity where CCSTTII has developed the following actions:

  • the university involvement in European funding projects for regional and county level development strategy coordination, mainly in view of promoting those measures the could help institutions and counties evolve (see the strategy of development for the North - West region of Romania, the development strategy for the Bistrita-Nasaud county etc.);
  • training staff in technological transfer issues, within a two-year project coordinated by the British Council, at the end of the project, foreign experts evaluated The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca as situated on the first place in so far institutionalization of research and technological transfer activities were concerned;
  • the commitment as a founding member to the activity of the Board of The Romanian Association for Knowledge Transfer, located in Bucharest;
  • the setting up of a virtual network for improvement and technological transfer with four partners from the North – Western region of Romania. The network is called CERT, it will be fully operational by July 2004, will own a portal for facilitating the communication with business partners concerning training, consultancy, expert reporting, applied research etc. The network was set up with Phare-origin funding support;
  • the setting up of the Romanian Association for knowledge transfer, made up of over 20 members, universities and government agencies, by May 2004 where The TUCN will be a board member.
  • initiatives and commitments to industrial and technological parks, such as the ones in Zalau, Campia Turzii, Bistrita);
  • the project for scientific technological transfer efficient development strategy for the following four years (this project that can be seen on the TUCN web page has already been started); the project contains 18 major actions aiming at improving communication and information between the university and the business environment, increasing the capability of the university of reaching and making use of European funds in the technological transfer field, facilitating straightforward contacts among researchers and the business environment etc.

In conclusion, CCSTTII offers support for the constant development of research activities in our university while taking care of the efficient allocation of existing human and material resources.  

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