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The Public Transport Company of Cluj-Napoca ensures in-town transportation by means of tramway, bus and trolley bus services.

A single ticket costs 18,000 lei (valid for all means), but its value is subject to change.

Full-time students certified by Technical University of Cluj-Napoca can receive a  discount for monthly subscriptions, made for one, two or more routes.

Cars are registered at Inspectoratul de Politie, str. Albac nr.15.

Taxis are mainly private. Their fares are about 7,000 lei per kilometer, but the cost is also subject to change. The best value for money and reliable taxi companies are Pritax, Terrafan, Diesel and Mesagerul. If you want to travel by coach outside Cluj-Napoca, call The Bus Station (Str. Giordano Bruno nr.3-5, tel. 435278). Prices vary according to distance. No special discounts are offered to students.

Student Health Care Service

Romania has reciprocal health care agreements with many countries. Consequently, student health care is carried out based on a health card in the Policlinica Studenteasca – Republicii str., nr.8 - not far from the university. The access, consultations and hospital treatment are free. Students can also make use of private medical services, whose addresses and telephones can be found in the telephone directory or Yellow Pages. In case of emergency, call 961 – the Emergency Service. As for prescriptions, they are obtained from a doctor from Policlinica Studenteasca. Some of the medicine prescribed is free of charge, some of it is paid. To extend the medical assistance during the holiday a fee of 109 $ per month is necessary.


In Romania undergraduates and graduates of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca as well as foreign students have the opportunity of being housed in the University – managed hostels.

The University offers beds in student hostels in two locations of the town, related to the faculty selected. Prices per month vary from $80 to $180, dependent upon the number of beds/room and bathroom facilities.

Students can rent a room or flat by answering an advertisement in a local paper, a post-it-note on a notice board in the university, estate agencies etc.

The average cost of private accommodation is about $150-250/month for a one-room flat. This amount is lower if the flat is shared with a friend, peer, and your landlord. The rent increases with the number of rooms in the flat, location of the flat, neighborhood, telephone, cable TV etc. A tenancy agreement endorsed by the Cluj Financial Service is obligatory and it will also be shown (in copy) in view of extending the stay and obtaining a prolonged visa. Rent is expected to be paid in advance for a specific period (one or two months).

Money matters

The Romanian currency is LEU. We advice you to change your money in a bank or exchange office, not in the street. Information on rate exchange at


Immigrants are allowed to work on the basis of a work permit only. As you are not immigrants, but full-time students you are not allowed to work unless the place/job you are interested in does not require a work permit.


Relatives and friends can write directly at your residence address, but all the correspondence sent via the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and the International Relations Office will be handed to you, via your faculty.

The General Post Office, located on Doja Street, nr.33, is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Local and international telephonic calls are made by card (300,000 lei – about $6 a piece) from public booths.

Faxes can be sent from the Central Telephone Office.


Students can have the lunch in the University cafeteria at a price of aprox. 3 - 6 $ per day, or on a monthly subscription paid in the local currency.

For those who want to eat out there are restaurants, dinners, coffee shops, and bars, near the campus, or outside it, at reasonable prices.

Those who prefer to cook, can buy Romanian or imported vegetables, fruit, and meat from the markets in the town, as anywhere in the world.

Vegetarians can both cook for themselves at home or can go to restaurants, which offer a choice of vegetarian food.

Restaurants, clubs, discotheques give the visitor another perspective upon the town and its people.


The opening hours for shops are from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. There are some supermarkets with longer hours as well as non-stops. Payments are only cash and in Romanian currency.

Shops offer goods, from clothes to gifts, at prices similar to those in Europe. Gift shops are spread throughout the city.


Your laundry can be done in some state or private firms, which also offer dry-cleaning services. These companies do not offer services at or from home.

Religious services

In Cluj one can choose among various places of worship as many religions and denominations can be met in this old place, such as Orthodox, Roman-Catholic, Greek-Catholic, Protestant, Reformed, Adventist, Baptist, Jewish, where service is held either in Romanian; Hungarian or Jewish.

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